About us

The Diamond and Precious Stones Bourse Idar-Oberstein (DEIO) was inaugurated in 1974 as the first bourse worldwide combining the trading of diamonds and coloured stones. In 1975 the Bourse was admitted unanimously to the World Federation of Diamond Bourses (WFDB) which today is the umbrella organisation of 30 bourses spanning the globe.
Without being subjected to lots of formalities the members of DEIO have access to all other member bourses of the World Federation of Diamond Bourses.

The setting-up of the sole German customs office in Idar-Oberstein being authorized by the EU for the customs clearance of rough diamonds was instigated 2004 by DEIO. It is working within the framework of the Kimberley Process (KP) with its intention to end the illegal trading in conflict diamonds. Along with the Idar-Oberstein office currently there are five more institutions working within the EU.


The " WFDB Mark™  " is a trademarked logo and a sign of confidence that may solely be used by members of a bourse affiliated to the WFDB. Members of the Diamond and Precious Stones Bourse Idar-Oberstein can apply for the " WFDB Mark™ " by committing to abide by a strict and ethical business code (WFCOP).

A  WFDB bourse member is permitted to display his personalised WFDB Mark™ logo on e.g. stationery, marketing materials, as well as on his business premises or at trade shows. The " WFDB Mark™ " is a marketing tool and a benefit for bourse members.
It means added value for its holder, because in the business of diamonds and other gemstones, trust in one's supplier is a fundamental element - for trust breeds confidence. The WFDB Mark™ - see below - stands for tradition, integrity and accountability.